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University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a globally top-ranked public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Size Location Founded
10,001+ employees Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1827

The University of Toronto tasked OSC to produce a president’s report documenting the advanced education and research underway that is essential to our collective prosperity and quality of life. The goal was to inform how UofT strives to make far-reaching and positive differences in the world – through the education of its students and through the university’s pioneering research.

Entitled “Where the Imagination Comes to Life,” our president’s report has a clean and modern, well-organised layout that provides a compelling overview of the extraordinary educational opportunities and pioneering research conducted by the University. The piece clearly represents the future vision of the university to its various audiences including its alumni, donors, champions, political offices at all levels and the public at large.

The president’s report materials consisted of a small-format handbook, accompanied by a presidential letter and reply postcard to enhance the engagement level of the report recipients.

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Where the Imagination Comes to Life


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