O’Shaughnessy Creative is an independent creative design consultancy.

We believe in developing simple but intelligent communications that fuse world-class creativity with tactical strategic planning to effectively convey the unique values and personalities of our clients’ businesses.  

With decades of experience in branding, design and communications, we have the marketing reflexes and consumer insights needed to deliver cost-effective, end-to-end business solutions that effectively position organisations for success. Our solutions are typically targeted for universal accessibility regardless of the medium, from traditional advertising to digital, experiential and more.

Our breadth of experience, agility and scalability enable us to collaborate with SMBs and Fortune 500 clients based in cities across Europe and North America, where we have nurtured numerous long-lasting and successful partnerships across multiple industry verticals and disciplines.

The heart and soul of OSC is our firm’s founder and creative director, Chris O’Shaughnessy. Chris is known for his unquenchable passion for branding, smart creative thinking, wealth of experience, and for building fruitful client relationships based on high levels of collaboration, trust and respect.

Over the years, Chris has collaborated with some of the world’s leading brands such as ADP, AT&T, HSBC Bank, Philips, and Shell, and proud Irish institutions including the Irish Department of Finance, Friends First and Irish Life.

Before founding O’Shaughnessy Creative in 2011, Chris was the Creative Director of Design with Wunderman Thompson Advertising (J. Walter Thompson) Toronto specialising in design and brand strategy for clients such as Bayer Inc., Cadbury Adams, Canon, HSBC Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Mazda, Unilever and Walmart.

His work has been judged and published internationally, winning a variety of creative awards, with some of his executions leading creative thinking worldwide and adopted by clients as global best practices.

Our Philosophy – We see design as a collaborative and holistic endeavour, together realizing creative solutions that address the DNA of our clients and their markets.

Our Reputation – We develop branded communications that are impactful, memorable, honest, and generate a positive return on our clients’ ambitions.

Our Expertise – We understand traditional marketing inside and out, remain on the leading edge of the latest in digital media and are excited by the possibilities of what comes next.

Our Partners – We work with Fortune 500 companies, startups and SMBs in the B2B, B2C, government, institutional and not-for-profit sectors.


Our clients are why we’re here. Thank you for your trust, confidence and willingness to explore new creative horizons.

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