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In 2018, the Metop-C satellite was launched to become part of a 3-satellite constellation. The launch of such a complex state-of-the-art system brought together some of the world’s leading engineers and scientists.

Attendees Countries Date
~400 ~40 2018

OSC was engaged to develop a comprehensive branding campaign that would build anticipation for the launch date. The objective of the campaign was to position Metop-C as the star of the day, while also highlighting the important role that EUMETSAT plays in sharing weather and climate data with the world.

It was important to build a sense of excitement around the huge significance of the launch date. For the event, we asked everyone to “seize the day” – as this was a profound and momentous occasion.

Various locations within the EUMETSAT headquarters promoted the launch. The atrium entrance’s 360-degree curved interior design was the perfect medium to capture the timeline of EUMETSAT’s achievements.

On launch day, the program rollout also included a social media countdown that was promoted with the hashtags #CTHEDAY and #METOPC. The multi-media campaign was also supported by animated videos, targeted advertising, and a series of interactive events.

The overall creative impact was an astounding success and the campaign built a solid engagement between the EUMESTAT brand and Europe’s scientific community.


“Not only does Chris bring additional insight and a creative approach to the EUMETSAT brand strategy, but his wealth of international experience and unwavering energy and passion for delivering the best result is something money can’t buy. He has a great ability to look at the bigger picture and make sure what we do works with our overall strategic goals.”

Stephen Killick Graphic Design and Publications Coordinator, EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Germany

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  • Concept & Creative Direction
  • Strategic Positioning & Implementation
  • Branding
  • Visual Identity
  • Copywriting
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  • Website & Social Media Strategies
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  • Apparel & Merchandise Graphics
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Concept and Design - O'Shaughnessy Creative; Design Adaptation & Production - EUMETSAT; Photographic Images - O'Shaughnessy Creative / EUMETSAT; Video EUMETSAT.