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EUMETSAT is the European operational satellite agency for monitoring weather, climate and the environment from space.

Size Location Founded
501-1,000 employees Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Germany 1827

OSC was contracted to develop a program for EUMETSAT that would create excitement for meteorology within the teenage community.

Our initial priority was to develop a name and a youth brand identity for EUMETSAT. The second priority was to assist in the design of a website that would provide a forum for basic information on EUMETSAT, raise awareness of the organisation’s role in weather and climate monitoring, and ready the next generation of potential EUMETSAT hopefuls.

The name LZone (Learning Zone) and the LZ icon perfectly reflected the brand positioning. When developing the communication, we felt it was important to use photography featuring real, everyday youth to instil a sense of authenticity. This lead us to connect with the Dublin Youth Theatre in Ireland to capture true-to-life images that contributed a simple and strong, colourful iconography.

This lifestyle approach, combined with direct messaging and futuristic space imagery, created a vibrant but friendly engagement that worked successfully on the various media and technology platforms used by our teenage target audience.


“Not only does Chris bring additional insight and a creative approach to the EUMETSAT brand strategy, but his wealth of international experience and unwavering energy and passion for delivering the best result is something money can’t buy. He has a great ability to look at the bigger picture and make sure what we do works with our overall strategic goals.”

Stephen Killick Graphic Design and Publications Coordinator, EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Germany

Brand Positioning

The place to learn about watching the weather from space


  • Concept & Creative Direction
  • Strategic Positioning & Implementation
  • Workshops
  • Branding
  • Name Generation
  • Visual Identity
  • Print
  • Website & Social Media Strategies
  • Exhibition

Concept, Art Direction and Design - O'Shaughnessy Creative; Design Adaptation and Production - EUMETSAT.